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Nexus S Review!

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How to Install Ubuntu on Your Nexus One/Android!

UPDATE: I’ve made a new site called to dedicate to Android on Ubuntu.

(World’s first installation of Ubuntu on an Android smartphone! WHOOHOO!)

This guide is for those of you who want to install Ubuntu as a sub-system under your Nexus One or any other rooted Android smartphone, I

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How to Add 720P HD Video to your Nexus One!

Wow, someone “hacked” their Nexus One to do 720P HD video! The quality is shockingly good.

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Now there’s 720P HD on the Nexus One, I don’t think it’s too long before it starts hitting the rest of Android smartphones. Of course, don’t forget that we always knew Nexus One was HD-capable.

To get

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HTC Evo 4G Hacks – How to Install Free Wifi Tether App on your HTC Evo 4G!

For those of you who have bought HTC Evo 4G (or thinking about getting one), you should know that you can install a free wifi tethering app on your HTC Evo 4G to use it as a 3G/4G mobile hotspot device.

You must root your HTC Evo 4G first, then simply install the Android Wifi Tethering app.

virus software

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How to Install Froyo Android 2.2 On Your Nexus One!

For those of you who have modded your Nexus One phone with Cyanogen or Desire ROM AND you want to upgrade to Android 2.2 Froyo, you can do it by just burning the Froyo image, provided thanks to @Modaco.

For people with stock Nexus One, I would advise to just wait for Froyo update rolls out. (but you can also install it too if you really want it NOW.)

Here’s step-by-step instructions on how to install

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How to Upgrade Samsung Moment to Android 2.1!

Sprint has recently and officially released Android 2.1 for Samsung Moment, download it here. essay about friends

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Android Tether Coming to Android 2.2!

It looks like Android Tether is coming to Android 2.2 soon. ?For those of you who don’t want to wait nor pay any additional monthly fees for what’s already do-able, you can follow our instructions here on how to tether your Android phone via WiFi or Bluetooth. Plus, if you install Cyanogen Mod, you will get USB tether wi

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Android Hack – How to Install Windows 3.1 on your Android Phone!

Yesterday, I stumbled onto a cool hack where this guy has supposedly found a way to run Windows 3.1 on his Droid smartphone. ?Upon closer investigation, I found out that you can indeed install Windows 3.1 running on top of an Android app called DosBox. (See here for full instructions)

Of course, this isn’t the “true” way of running an operating system (over an app) but still, you can run your favorite Dos programs by installing Android DosBox onto your Andro

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Android Smartphones Blaze Past iPhones for Larger Market Share!

Just reported, it looks like Android smartphones now have a larger market share at 28% of the U.S. mobile market while iPhones make up (now) 21%. ? RIM still leads at 36% but the good news is that Android OS is really starting to take on the popularity over iPhones.

Looks like Steve Jobs will be taking an iDump soon.

NPD says that unit sales for Android-based devices bolted past Apple iPhone devices for the first quarter in the U.S.

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G1 Hack – How to Install Nexus One ROM(Eclair) on your G1 Phone!

For those of you still waiting for your G1 Phone contract to end so you can get one of the better Android 2.1 smartphones such as the Google Nexus One or even HTC Desire/Incredible, you might want to just install the Nexus One ROM on your G1 phone to try it out.

Microsoft Windows 7 Price

According to

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