Nexus One Used as G-Force Meter for Centrifuge!

In our very first blog post of the Nexus One Hacks Blog (welcome fellas!), we are featuring this awesome example of how a Nexus One is used as a G-force meter for a homemade centrifuge.

The payload container pivots freely so that it is always facing ‘down’. In the middle is a 20 oz Motion Lamp from Google. Next to it is a Nexus One Android phone which runs G-Force to monitor the current gravity conditions (in the photo below the Android is not present since it was being used to take the photo). Recording both the lamp and the gravity monitor is a digital camera set to record a movie.

According to the creator/author of the centrifuge, the Nexus One’s accelerometer is not correctly calibrated, thus causing mis-calculations for above 2G. I am sure Googlers will work on this as the author has submitted a support ticket.

In the meanwhile, enjoy the full and vivid video of Nexus One actually being used as a G-Force meter. (I hope the author has clamped the Nexus One tightly to his centrifuge, I wouldn’t want to have it thrown across the room.)

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