Welcome to Nexus One Hacks blog, where we will feature detailed step-by-step HOWTO articles on how to hack your Nexus One.

There’s a bunch of guides on how to hack your Nexus One but I felt that for complete Android dummies like me, instructions weren’t detailed enough so I made my own guides with more detailed photos taken with my DSLR camera plus HD videos.

Here’s a Guideline of what you should read:

  • How to Unlock your Nexus One! – You should unlock your Nexus One first, that’s the very first step before trying anything on your Nexus One.
  • How to Install Cyanogen ROM on your Nexus One! – Cyanogen ROM is an “enhanced” version of the stock Nexus One Android OS, you should really try it out as it beats the stock Nexus One hands down with features like USB/WiFi tethering and more.
  • How to Install HTC Desire ROM on your Nexus One! – HTC Desire ROM is already available for the Nexus One before the phone itself is released.  Install this if you like the HTC’s UI better and also there’s some great additions like copy and paste plus Flash 10.1.
  • How to Tether your Nexus One with WiFi/Bluetooth! – The HTC Desire ROM comes loaded with WiFi tethering app but the Cyanogen ROM, you will need to read this guide so you can install the WiFi Tether app.
  • How to Restore your Nexus One ROMs with Nandroid! – Once you master the art of backing up/restoring your ROMS on the Nexus One, you can switch back and forth between factory Nexus One, Cyanogen, and the HTC ROM within matter of minutes like I have been doing.
  • How to Install Ubuntu on your Nexus One! – Like Ubuntu and Linux?  Learn how to install Ubuntu linux on your Nexus One, make your phone into a linux computer that can be used alongside Android.

I hope these guides help the ultimate Android-dummies (like me) install all the great mods on your Nexus One.  Of course, don’t forget to check out my Palm Pre Hacks blog where I detail how to WiFi tether your Palm Pre and more cool Pre hacks too.

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