Android Hack – How to Install Windows 3.1 on your Android Phone!

Yesterday, I stumbled onto a cool hack where this guy has supposedly found a way to run Windows 3.1 on his Droid smartphone. ?Upon closer investigation, I found out that you can indeed install Windows 3.1 running on top of an Android app called DosBox. (See here for full instructions)

Of course, this isn’t the “true” way of running an operating system (over an app) but still, you can run your favorite Dos programs by installing Android DosBox onto your Android phone.

One more note, I did install Android DosBox on my Nexus One last night, only to find out there’s no support for virtual keyboard meaning you will have to have a smartphone like the Droid that has a physical keyboard. (until they update DosBox with support for virtual keyboard)

If you have a Droid, you might want to at least try installing a Windows 7, it might work.

It didnt play well, But hey, It ran. Then I?realized, Hey, Windows can be installed VIA Dos. So I went on google & youtube and looked up ?Windows on Android? and what do you know, No results. However, I saw a lot of videos about Windows 95, NT, 3.1, etc on a Nokia. So I thought, I want to try and put it on Android. It appears its never been done before. So I gave it a shot, and heres how I did it.

Update: I guess this is sorta old stuff, quick search on YouTube gives me older HTC Android phones that ran Windows 3.1 a year ago:

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