Droid Hack – How to Root Droid!

I have tried to root Droid but one of the problems I found with the guides I found online was that the rooting zip file was no longer there.

Well, I did find an alternative that worked.

Here’s how to root your Droid, for version Android 2.0.1:

1) Download the zip file here and rename it as “update.zip”. (Thanks to Android-Devs.org forum for this!)

2) Copy the update.zip file to the SD Card of your Droid. If you don’t know how to do this, refer to Step 3 from the guide on how to install Cyanogen on Nexus One, it’s the same on Droid.

3) Turn off your Droid by pressing on the Power button and selecting “Power Off”.

4) While holding down the “x” key on your Droid keyboard, press the Power button and you will boot into the “bootloader” mode.

5) You will see an “exclamation” (!) mark once it’s booted into bootloader mode. Simply press the camera button and the Volume Up button together at the same time and you will come to a menu.

6) Select “Install update.zip from SD Card”, then press the center button on your Droid keyboard.

7) If you did previous step right, you should see messages that the update.zip has been successfully installed.

8) Simply, reboot your Droid and congratulations! You have rooted/unlocked your Droid!

By the way, rooting Droid won’t erase anything one your phone, it simply “unlocks” your Droid so you have full “root” permissions to add aftermarket programs or even another font that’s not supported by default Droid Android.

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