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Nexus One Hacks

Nexus One Android 2.3 Gingerbread ROM!

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Still using Android 2.2? Even with Google’s latest Android 2.2.1 update, you are probably not up to speed unless you’ve got the Android 2.3 Gingerbread ROM. Actually there’s a bunch out there now but the one I recommend to install on your rooted Nexus One is

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How to Install Ubuntu on Your Nexus One/Android!

UPDATE: I’ve made a new site called to dedicate to Android on Ubuntu.

(World’s first installation of Ubuntu on an Android smartphone! WHOOHOO!)

This guide is for those of you who want to install Ubuntu as a sub-system under your Nexus One or any oth

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Ubuntu on Nexus One Android!

Over the Independence Day weekend, I was able to install both Debian and Ubuntu to run on my Nexus One.

UPDATE: I’ve posted full step-by-step guide on how to install Ubuntu and X11 on your Nexus One here!

I spent about 5 days straight of craziness, even trying to get it working while my friends were barbecuing tri-tips and firing off fireworks in the background.  Well, let’s just say I started the challenge to myself of being able to run Ubuntu couple days back and it li

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Nexus One Multi-Player Game Androideroids!

You thought playing Scrabble with an iPad with iPhones were amazing, think again as Nexus One has beat that with an HDTV multi-player game. Grant Skinner, the guy who made the gas-pedal wireless controllers about a week back, has made a prototype of his multiplayer game that allows any “Android” phone to be used as game controller.

Androideroids is a prototype multiplayer asteroids game in which each player uses an Android phone as their game

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Nexus One Used as Gas Pedal Wireless Control for RC Cars!

Here’s an incredible hack involving the use of Nexus One as gas pedal for wireless speed control of RC cars.  Sure sounds like a lot of fun.

To summarize: The generic mobile client connects over the LAN to the desktop app. The desktop app sends it a “surface” SWF which contains all of the graphics and logic for the interaction (allowing the host to dictate the experience). The mobile client then sends accelerometer data to the host, which interprets the data, and sends back commands to update the client UI. The host communicates with a Phidgets motor contro

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How to Add 720P HD Video to your Nexus One!

Wow, someone “hacked” their Nexus One to do 720P HD video! The quality is shockingly good.

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Now there’s 720P HD on the Nexus One, I don’t think it’s too long before it starts hitting the rest of Android smartphones. Of course, don’t forget that we always knew Nexus One was HD-capab

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How to Make your Nexus One into a Linux Computer!

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Wanna run a desktop using your Nexus One as your CPU device?  Well, now you can!  Hacker Sven Killig has hacked his Nexus One by adding USB Host (which allows you to connect USB devices to your Nexus One), thereby being able to use a USB Monitor adaptor and run Linux X11 Window, all minced and diced with fully working USB keyboard and USB wireless mouse.   Incredible!

Sven has full step-by-step instructions on

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How to Install Froyo Android 2.2 On Your Nexus One!

For those of you who have modded your Nexus One phone with Cyanogen or Desire ROM AND you want to upgrade to Android 2.2 Froyo, you can do it by just burning the Froyo image, provided thanks to @Modaco.

For people with stock Nexus One, I would advise to just wait for Froyo update rolls out. (but you can also install it too if you really want it NOW.)

Here’s step-by-step instructions o

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How to Install and Play Sega Classic Games on your Nexus One (or other Android Phone)!

Yey, there’s an Android app called Gensoid (that you can download, Gensoid Lite is the free version without ability to save games) to install and play Sega Classic games on your Nexus One such as the Sonic Hedgehog (pictured above).

Here’s step by step instr

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Quake 3 Running on Nexus One!

Apparently, someone has figured out how to run Quake 3 on the Nexus One. If we can find more information about it, we will soon feature a how to article on this so you can play Quake 3 on your Nexus One too.

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