Demo of Firefox on Nexus One! [Video]

Well, Firefox for Android is now available as beta under “Firefox Fennec”. ?I’ve downloaded last night and have been playing with it. ?Overall, it performs pretty fast, there’s still room for more improvements such as “pinch-and-zoom” are not supported yet.

Definitely though, there’s some positives for the Firefox Fennec as it has tabbed browsing and Firefox add-on extensions. ?Firefox Fennec supports all Mobile Firefox add-ons, which aren’t huge right now but it’s definitely going to grow fast over the next couple months/years.

Compared to the stock Nexus One web browser, the Firefox isn’t any better I’d say in terms of loading websites but on par.

It’s exciting though that Firefox will be available on Android-based phones as this just means more features for you the user.

How to Install Firefox Fennec on Your Nexus One/Droid

Download this file in your Nexus One/Droid or any other Android smartphone.

Click Install.

That’s it!

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