G1 Hack – How to Install Nexus One ROM(Eclair) on your G1 Phone!

For those of you still waiting for your G1 Phone contract to end so you can get one of the better Android 2.1 smartphones such as the Google Nexus One or even HTC Desire/Incredible, you might want to just install the Nexus One ROM on your G1 phone to try it out.

According to YouTube user EmoGamer, you can install the HTC Nexus One ROM on your G1 Phone and most features work including animated background screens.

You can download the ROM here.

2.1 Lockscreen
RAM Hack (canceled out if you use Launcher or Live Wallpapers =p)
Nexus Lancher2
Live Wallpapers (some still don’t work) Market ones do =)
New 2.0 Eclair apps

Things I like:
All the 2.0 Eclair apps and features
All the 2.1 NEXUS features! (You asked, you got ’em!)
Speed (fast for Eclair)
STABLE (a lot more than KingKlicks 2.1 Hero ROM)
Its an “OPEN” ROM that’s being tag teamed by 2 (and more) awesome devs (Chris Soyar, Wes Garner) meaning it will continue to advance =)

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