How to Install HTC Keyboard on Your Nexus One and How to Install any .APK Files on your Android Phone!

For those of you who want a “better” keyboard than what the stock Nexus One provides you with (or any other Android phone), you can try the HTC keyboard.  By the way, these instructions can be used on any kind of Android phone whether you have the Droid or others.

Also, these steps basically show you how to install any .apk files on your Android phone, meaning you can follow the same steps to install any other apps you find online. (Do a search for .apk files on Google, you will find plenty of apps!)

1) To install it, you will need to download this HTC_IME.apk file here. (For some reason if it’s not there anymore, try a search for “HTC_IME.apk” on Google, I am sure you can find it easily.)

2) Connect your Nexus One(Android phone) to your computer via a USB cable.

3) Press on “USB connected” on your Nexus One(Android) phone.

4) Press on “Mount”.

5) Copy over the HTC_IME.apk file you downloaded earlier to anywhere inside the SD card.  For organization, I made a directory called “apps” on my SD card and copied my .apk file there.

6) Next, go to the Android Market on your Nexus One(Android phone) and search for “apk”, you should find the apkInstaller as seen below:

7) Open up the apkInstaller, which will allow you to browse your SD card.  Find the HTC_IME.apk file you copied over to your SD card earlier then install it.

8) Go to Settings->Language & keyboard and select the “Touch Input”.

9) Open up your keyboard then press on the ?123 key at the bottom left and you should see a message pop-up.

10) Select “Input method”.

11) Select “Touch Input”.

12) Press the back key then open up your keyboard again, you should see the new HTC keyboard!

Voila!  enjoy the HTC IME keyboard.

Also, you can use similar steps to install any other keyboard.  I know this is simple stuff but it took me a long time to get it because no one told me I can switch the keyboard by pressing on the ?123 key! (and hence why I wrote this blog post)

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