How to Overclock Your Nexus One!

Yup, I overclocked my Nexus One phone and it’s running fast 111.5% faster than a stock Nexus One.

Is it safe? ?Yeah, I think it’s pretty safe as the hack doesn’t change any CPU voltages.

Does my phone run faster? ?Yes, it runs slightly faster, especially when I am viewing online videos on my Nexus One.

So, here’s the step-by-step guide on how to overclock your Nexus One to 1.113Mhz from the stock 998Mhz:

1) First, you will need to install the Cyanogen mod as this hack is based on that, read the step by step guide on how to install Cyanogen Mod on your Nexus One here.

2) Once your Nexus One is humming on the Cyanogen mod, you are ready to overclock it!

You can either pay 99 cents and download the SetCPU app from the Android market or you can download the following directions to get it for free.

How to Install SetCPU app for FREE! (you can skip this step if you want to donate 99 cents to the developer and download from the App Market)

a. Download the latest version of SetCPU by going here to (You will have to register to download btw.)

b. Next, unzip the SetCPU zip file and copy the file ending in setcpu.apk file over to your SD Card. ?Use apkInstaller to browse your SD card and install the setcpu.apk. ?(You can read up on how to install .apk files here if you need more help!)

c. You should get a nice “Application installed” message after installation is complete. ?Don’t open the app yet as you need to flash some files to your Nexus One first.

Flashing custom ROMs and modules to your Nexus One

3) Download zImage-cm_2633.1-oc-uv (the version number might change with updates) and download lib.tar.gz. (You can check this website for the latest version btw.)

4) Copy over the zImage-cm_2633.1-oc-uv file to the tools folder of your Android SDK (this is where you unzipped the Android SDK!).

5) Untar (unzip) the lib.tar.gz file you just downloaded. ?If you don’t have untarring software, download/install the free Alzip, which can untar(unzip) the tar file.

In the folder you just unzipped, find the file called bcm4329.ko and copy it over again to the tools folder of your Android SDK like in step 4.

6) Now, power off your Nexus One then get it in bootloader mode by pressing on the power button while holding onto the trackball.

7) Once your Nexus One is in bootloader mode and it’s connected to your computer via USB cable, open up a command prompt. (type “command” or “cmd”)

8) Browse to your Android SDK tools directory then type the following command:

fastboot flash zimage zImage-cm_2633.1-oc-uv

You should get a message saying the flashing was “okay”.

9) Next, you need to copy the bcm4329.ko file to your phone’s system modules folder.

First, reboot your phone as adb commands won’t work in bootloader mode! ?I was sitting there in bootloader mode for half an hour and wondering why adb command doesn’t work.

Once your phone reboots, go back to the command prompt and type:

adb remount

You should get the message, “remount succeeded”.

Then type:

adb push bcm4329.ko /system/lib/modules

You should get a message with number of bytes transferred like below screenshow:

10) Now, open up the SetCPU app you installed earlier and choose “autodetect”. ?If you get asked questions whether you want to let the app have root access, just keep choosing “allow”.

11) You should see screen like above, if you have congratulations, you have just overclocked your Nexus One successfully to 1.113 Ghz! ?Hurray!

Pat yourself on the back and tell everyone around you that you now hold the fastest smartphone in the world! ?(I think right now 1.113Ghz is actually the fastest since the fastest smartphone processor is at 1Ghz Snapdragon. ?I think…)

There’s also various different options in SetCPU to underclock/overclock in certain situations. ?I will blog about it later down the road after I play with it more.

You can also download free app CPU Benchmark to test how much faster your Nexus One runs with the overclocking hack.

Well, you will get something like this because I ran it before the hack and after: (It should be similar.)

Resource and Credits

Without these great resources, I would not have been able to overclock my Nexus One.

Huge thanks to, user Persiansown at, and?user CoolBho3000 at for the cool SetCPU app!

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