How to Restore your ROMs on Nexus One using Nandroid!

For those of you who have backed up your ROMs (such as your factory Nexus One OS or the Cyanogen Mod), you will love the fact that restoring your ROMs are only couple buttons away using the System Recovery tool (that you used to install ROMs.)

For those of you who want to know how to back up your Nexus One ROMs, read Step 2 through 3f on the guide on how to install Cyanogen ROM on your Nexus One.

To start restoring your ROMs, make sure you have current ROM backed up.

Step 1. Get into your Android System Recovery menu by powering off your phone, pressing the power button while holding down the trackball button.? Select “Bootloader”, hit the power button, select “Recovery”, then hit the power button.

You should come to this menu shown here:

Next, use your trackball to select “Backup/Restore”, then select “Nand restore”.

You should be able to browse your filesystem for your backups.? Below I have the three backups I have made, one of them being my latest.?? The filenames are timestamped so they should be easy to find.

Simply select the one you want to restore and voila, your Nexus One will start restoring your backed-up ROM.


Once restore is done, hit the Volume down button to go back to the previous menu and select “Reboot”.

Your phone should now be restored to the backup ROM you’ve selected.

Also see my video walk-through tutorial here:

I’ve been using this tool like all day long, switching my Nexus One between the Cyanogen ROM and HTC Desire ROM.

I should have a HOWTO write-up on how to install the HTC Desire ROM on your Nexus One next.? And I am tellin’ ya, it’s super easy.

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