How to Turn your Nexus One into a WiFi Hotspot/WiFi Tether!(Also Bluetooth Tether)

For those of you who want to install WiFi tethering on your Nexus One (The open source Android Wifi Tethering app), you will need to root your phone and also install the Cyanogen Mod.  Btw, Cyanogen mod is highly recommended as it will turn your regular, stock Nexus One into a super Nexus One.  I was reluctant to switch too in the beginning but after switching to Cyanogen mod, I am never going back.

Mind you, the Android WiFi Tether app works flawless, turns your Nexus One into a WiFi Hotspot!

Here’s a video overview of the Nexus One WiFi Router:

Step 1. Unlock Nexus One and Install Cyanogen Mod

First steps, before you can install WiFi tether on your Nexus One, you will need to unlock your Bootloader on the Nexus One, then follow my step-by-step guide on how to install the Cyanogen Mod to your Nexus One.

You can also do it without installing Cyanogen mod, if you want to just do that, unlock the bootloader on your Nexus One, then follow directions here to update your kernel.

Once you’ve done those, follow these steps:

Download the Android WiFi Tether app .apk file here. (also check for the latest version here)

Copy that .apk file to any place on your Nexus One’s SD card.

Go on your Nexus One and go to the Google App Market.  Then search for “Apkinstaller”:

Next, install the apkInstaller app and run it.  (Make sure your Nexus One isn’t connected to your computer via USB cable otherwise the appInstaller app will give errors.)

When you run the apkInstaller, you will be able to browse your Nexus One’s SD card files.

Browse and find the “wireless_tether_2_0-pre7.apk” file you copied over earlier to the SD card and press on it/install it.

When you first run the Android WiFi Tether App, it will ask you if you want to grant root user permissions, just accept that so the app will work.

You can go to settings and change various things like SSID, WEP key, or even enable it with Bluetooth instead of WiFi if you want.

You can also check to see who’s connected to your new Nexus One WiFi hotspot.  (You will also get alerts when someone connects to it.)

Having trouble connecting to your new Nexus One WiFi Hotspot from your computer/laptop?

One more note, if you are trying to connect from a computer/laptop with an Intel WiFi adaptor, you might have trouble because there’s bugs in the Intel WiFi driver.  This happened to my main laptop while the WiFi connected flawlessly on my other laptops/computers.

To fix this, you simply need to update the Intel WiFi driver to the latest version, you can see this guide on how to upgrade your Intel WiFi driver on your laptop manually. This is because Windows 7 doesn’t upgrade the driver automatically and your computer/laptop might be using one from years back, which I found out to be true with my laptop.

Now, you can enjoy wifi/bluetooth tethering on your Nexus One, enjoy~

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