HTC Desire Hack – How to Install HTC Desire ROM on your Nexus One!

Step-by-Step video tutorial for installing HTC Desire ROM on your Nexus One:

HTC Desire is basically the same hardware as Nexus One but branded for HTC coming in about a week.? But someone has hacked the Desire ROM into a Nexus One, allowing Nexus One users to see firsthand what HTC Desire looks like.

Well, I installed the HTC Desire on my Nexus One and I have to say it’s pretty nice.

Here’s how to install the HTC Desire on your Nexus One:

For those of you who haven’t unlocked your phone and rooted, you will need to follow the Step 1 thru Step 3f on my guide on how to install Cyanogen Mod on your Nexus One.

Once done with that, download the latest HTC Rom zip file here.

Then copy that zip file into the root folder of your Nexus One’s SD card.

Wipe your Nexus One’s current ROM following the Step 3g here.

Once wiped, select “Flash from SD card” in the System Recovery Menu and select the zip file as shown here:

After that, you can reboot your Nexus One and enjoy HTC Desire!

Boot-up screen of the HTC Desire ROM on my Nexus One:

This should take about 3 minutes for the first time and you should see:

HTC Desire menus:


You can always revert back to your factory Nexus One ROM or the Cyanogen Mod ROM if you have backed it up using Nandroid.?? You can see instructions on how to restore your Nexus One ROM here.

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