Nexus One Memory Hack – How to Increase 21MB of RAM!

For those of you who want a bit more out of your Nexus One phone, you might want to take a look at this hack that allows you to get additional 21MB of RAM by moving memory allocations around.

Of course, the Nexus One phone comes with 512MB of RAM so I don’t know if this hack is worth doing but for those of you who must be on the bleeding edge, you can give it a try:

This is what I did, starting from the 8MB RAM hack:
– Expanded EBI1_BANK0 by 8MB because the incrediblec source said I could
– Moved 5MB GPU memory from EBI1_BANK0 to SMI
– Created extra memory bank in EBI1_BANK0 totalling 13MB

– Added 8MB camera PMEM back into SMI, and re-enabled camera PMEM

Version 2:
– Eliminated third memory bank in EBI1_BANK0 and added that memory into the first memory bank

As far as I know it’s not possible to create a memory bank in the SMI and live to tell the tale, so that’s why we’re squeezing the 8MB of camera PMEM in there. In total, this adds 21MB of RAM from stock cm-kernel with seemingly no compromises.

via xda-developers

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