Nexus One Multi-Player Game Androideroids!

You thought playing Scrabble with an iPad with iPhones were amazing, think again as Nexus One has beat that with an HDTV multi-player game. Grant Skinner, the guy who made the gas-pedal wireless controllers about a week back, has made a prototype of his multiplayer game that allows any “Android” phone to be used as game controller.

Androideroids is a prototype multiplayer asteroids game in which each player uses an Android phone as their game controller. Player’s can see a top down view of the game on the main screen (which could be a PC, TV, or projected in a public space), and a first person view with their health and score on their phone. The top down view is great for navigating, and first person view comes in handy for aiming during dogfights. Player specific sounds are played on the phone, whereas general sounds are played on the host.

I think this will be start of many new things you can do with Android phones, perhaps the LANPad application can become very useful:

This has lead to the development of what I feel is a strong framework for creating public installations and experiences that will allow smart phone users (on multiple platforms) to connect in an adhoc fashion.

When players launch the generic LANPad application on their phone, it finds and connects to the game host. The host sends the client a “surface” SWF which defines how the game will look and act on the phone.

The surface SWF sends messages to the host indicating UI input, the host interprets these, runs game logic, and sends back a message updating the game state on the phone.

Although I have bought a new HTC Evo 4G and HTC Incredible, I am beginning to realize that Nexus One is the phone that started all, perhaps Google will introduce Nexus Two next year, I am certainly hoping so.

via grantskinner

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