Quake 3 Running on Nexus One!

Apparently, someone has figured out how to run Quake 3 on the Nexus One. If we can find more information about it, we will soon feature a how to article on this so you can play Quake 3 on your Nexus One too.

ANY LAG ON THIS VIDEO IS THE CAMERA AND VIDEO QUALITY. The game is perfectly smooth on medium/high-ish graphics.
Shit quality video of a Quake 3 port to Android on my Nexus one.
I’ve mapped the volume up to walk forward, and volume down to jump. The trackball is set to high sensitivity and works perfectly as a mouse. (Also, pressing the trackball is to shoot)
In 3 minutes i got 8 kills, 3 deaths. It’s definitely playable on a non-keyboard phone as opposed to a keyboard phone. ( eg Droid)

via zedomax, gizmodo

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