Ubuntu on Nexus One Android!

Over the Independence Day weekend, I was able to install both Debian and Ubuntu to run on my Nexus One.

UPDATE: I’ve posted full step-by-step guide on how to install Ubuntu and X11 on your Nexus One here!

I spent about 5 days straight of craziness, even trying to get it working while my friends were barbecuing tri-tips and firing off fireworks in the background.  Well, let’s just say I started the challenge to myself of being able to run Ubuntu couple days back and it literally drove me crazy.  I couldn’t stop myself until I got some kind of results, not just being able to run Ubuntu under Chroot command line.

My original goal was to actually run WordPress and make a portable smartphone web server (which I did with the Palm Pre before) but I ran into MySQL being a jerk and not being able to create a new socket for some reason.  (If anyone has some advice on that or help me on it, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me at zedomax at gmail dot com.)

In the process of doing that (because I kept getting MySQL errors), I initially tried Debian chrooted under Android, then I install Ubuntu under chroot.

After 5 days of hairraising hell of code, I finally gave up but played with the Android VNC, which was rather easy to get it working.

And now, instead of a portable Android web server capable of running a WordPress blog, I now have a fully portable Ubuntu sub-system on my Nexus One, which I guess isn’t a bad thing after all.  The Chrooted Ubuntu and Ubuntu’s X11 running off Android VNC let you use both Android and Ubuntu at the same time, which is cool as you get best of both worlds.

Anyways, I could probably just put up some instructions in a hurry but I won’t do that.  I will have a full step-by-step guide with DSLR photos and 1080P HD videos so all of you linux dummies (like myself) can do it without having to go through all the stress I went through.

In the meanwhile, I do have a demo video of the Ubuntu working as both chroot and X11 running through Android VNC here:

P.S. Check back on this post/blog tomorrow, I should have full step-by-step instructions up!  Boy, I am tired.

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