Nexus S ROM – Modaco ROM Available!

For those of you who have rooted your Nexus S, now there’s Modaco ROM, which is a bit faster than custom Nexus S ROM, head over here for full instructions on installing the Nexus S Modaco custom ROM.

Some of the features of this ROM:

  • Based on the GRH78 OTA release
  • Packaged for ClockworkMod
  • Rebuilt using the MoDaCo MCR optimisation scripts
  • Includes MCK 1.0 custom kernel with TUN and CIFS modules
  • Incorporates supercurio’s EXT4 performance tweak
  • Full up to date Google experience + additional apps (including new look Market)
  • UK English for Voice Dialler
  • HSPA icon differentiation (‘H’ icon when transferring data via HSPA)
  • Insecure boot image
  • su / Superuser.apk root
  • Support for running scripts from /etc/init.d at startup
  • Terminfo support (for nano etc)
  • Busybox 1.18.1
  • Optional GRH55 fingerprint without update nag – (seperate fingerprints for market and checkin functions)
  • Further enhancements to removing the OTA nag
  • Optional ‘allow SIP over non-WiFi connections’ in the kitchen
  • Semi-transparent notification pull-down
  • STK from Gingerbread AOSP
  • framework-res and core libraries / apks are signed with the ‘platform’ certificate from AOSP, aiding those who wish to edit the framework-res / SystemUI.apk to theme. Simply extract, edit, resign with the platform certificate and push the file. Tidy.
  • A bunch of other stuff that i’ve forgotten
Categories: Nexus S Hacks.

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