How to Restore your ROMs on Nexus One using Nandroid!

For those of you who have backed up your ROMs (such as your factory Nexus One OS or the Cyanogen Mod), you will love the fact that restoring your ROMs are only couple buttons away using the System Recovery tool (that you used to install ROMs.)

For those of you who want to know how to back up your Nexus One ROMs, read Step 2 through 3f on the guide on how to install Cyanogen ROM on your Nexus One.

To start restoring your ROMs, make sure you have curre

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How to Turn your Nexus One into a WiFi Hotspot/WiFi Tether!(Also Bluetooth Tether)

For those of you who want to install WiFi tethering on your Nexus One (The open source Android Wifi Tethering app), you will need to root your phone and also install the Cyanogen Mod.  Btw, Cyanogen mod is highly recommended as it will turn your regular, stock Nexus One into a super Nexus One.  I was reluctant to switch too in the beginning but after switching to Cyanogen mod, I am never going back.

Mind you, the Android WiFi Tether app works flawless, turns your Nexus One into a WiFi Hotspot!

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Step by Step Guide on How to Install Cyanogen Mod ROM on your Nexus One!

In this guide, we will show you step-by-step on how to install cyanogen mod ROM on your Nexus One with detailed pictures and whatnot.  The reason we made this guide is for those of new total newbies who don’t know a thing about Android operating systems but want to really upgrade you Nexus One to Cyanogen Mod ROM.

Cyanogen Mod ROM is basically a modded Android operating system that will enhance many features of your Nexus One phone including better reception, faster UI, ability of overclock the Nexus One, custom keyboards, USB/WiFi tethering, and a whole lot more.  Plus, with

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Step by Step Guide on How to Unlock Bootloader on your Nexus One!

Before you can root your Nexus One phone or install new ROMs such as Cyanogen’s mod, most likely your will need to unlock your bootloader. *Unless you bought an unlocked phone straight from Google without T-mobile and whatnot, you will have a locked bootloader.

But don’t worry, unlocking your bootloader is easier than it sounds, actually it’s just a one-line command.

*Note – This will erase all your settings, it won’t touch your camera images and the SD card but it will erase all your settings so backup any data before!!!

First Step – Ho

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Nexus One Used as G-Force Meter for Centrifuge!

In our very first blog post of the Nexus One Hacks Blog (welcome fellas!), we are featuring this awesome example of how a Nexus One is used as a G-force meter for a homemade centrifuge.

The payload container pivots freely so that it is always facing ‘down’. In the middle is a 20 oz Motion Lamp from Google. Next to it is a Nexus One Android phone which runs G-Force to monitor the current gravity conditions (in the photo below the Android is not present since it was being used to take the ph

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