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HTC Desire Hack – How to Install HTC Desire ROM on your Nexus One!

Step-by-Step video tutorial for installing HTC Desire ROM on your Nexus One:

HTC Desire is basically the same hardware as Nexus One but branded for HTC coming in about a week.? But someone has hacked the Desire ROM into a Nexus One, allowing Nexus One users to see firsthand what HTC Desire looks like.

Well, I installed the HTC Desire on my Nexus One and I have to say it̵

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Step by Step Guide on How to Install Cyanogen Mod ROM on your Nexus One!

In this guide, we will show you step-by-step on how to install cyanogen mod ROM on your Nexus One with detailed pictures and whatnot.  The reason we made this guide is for those of new total newbies who don’t know a thing about Android operating systems but want to really upgrade you Nexus One to Cyanogen Mod ROM.

Cyanogen Mod ROM is basically a modded Android operating system that will enhance many features of your Nexus One phone including better reception, faster UI, ability of overclock the Nexus One, custom keyboards, USB/WiFi tethering, and a whole lot more.  Plus, with

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Welcome to Nexus One Hacks blog, where we will feature detailed step-by-step HOWTO articles on how to hack your Nexus One.

There’s a bunch of guides on how to hack your Nexus One but I felt that for complete Android dummies like me, instructions weren’t detailed enough so I made my own guides with more detailed photos taken with my DSLR camera plus HD videos.

Here’s a Guideline of what you should read: